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Kuzey Güney Turkish Drama series: A Tale of Two Brothers

Kuzey Güney

Kuzey Güney is a Turkish television drama series that aired from 2011 to 2013. It revolves around the lives of two brothers, Kuzey and Güney, whose paths diverge but eventually intersect in unexpected ways.


Genre: Drama, Romance

Original Release: 2011 - 2013

Country of Origin: Turkey

Language: Turkish

Number of Seasons: 2

Number of Episodes: 80


The exact cost of producing Kuzey Güney is not publicly available. However, like many Turkish television dramas, it was a high-budget production with significant investment in sets, costumes, and filming locations.


Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ as Kuzey Tekinoğlu

Buğra Gülsoy as Güney Tekinoğlu

Öykü Karayel as Cemre Çayak

Bade İşçil as Banu Sinaner

Merve Boluğur as Zeynep Tunç

Rıza Kocaoğlu as Ali Güntan

Engin Hepileri as Ahmet Kaya

Trailer and Clips:

You can find trailers and clips from Kuzey Güney on video-sharing platforms like YouTube by searching for the show's title.


Kuzey Güney episodes were uniquely crafted to last 90 minutes each, offering viewers a deep dive into the complex lives of the characters and the intricacies of their relationships.


Kuzey Güney received positive reviews from both critics and audiences. It was praised for its engaging storyline, strong performances, and emotional depth. The chemistry between the lead actors, Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and Buğra Gülsoy, was particularly highlighted. However, some viewers felt that the show's pacing was slow at times, and it received some criticism for its melodramatic elements.

Overall, Kuzey Güney was a successful series that resonated with audiences and contributed to the popularity of Turkish television dramas internationally.

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