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"Balveer" is an Indian fantasy television series that aired on SAB TV from 2012 to 2016. It was created by Vipul D. Shah and Sanjiv Sharma under the production banner of Optimystix Entertainment. Here's a breakdown of the cast, storyline, and a brief review:


·        Dev Joshi as Balveer: Dev Joshi portrayed the titular character, Balveer, a young boy blessed with magical powers who fights against evil forces to protect the world and its children.

·        Shama Sikander as Bhayankar Pari: Shama Sikander played the role of Bhayankar Pari, the primary antagonist of the series, who continuously plots against Balveer and aims to seize control over the world.

·        Aditi Sajwan as Natkhat Pari: Aditi Sajwan portrayed Natkhat Pari, one of Balveer's fairy allies who supports him in his battles against evil.

·        Anushka Sen as Meher Dagli: Anushka Sen played the role of Meher Dagli, one of the human characters who befriends Balveer and often gets involved in his adventures.

·        Shridhar Watsar as Dooba Dooba: Shridhar Watsar portrayed Dooba Dooba, a quirky character who aids Balveer with his magical abilities.

·        Sudeepa Singh as Tauba Tauba: Sudeepa Singh played Tauba Tauba, a comical character who works for Bhayankar Pari but sometimes inadvertently assists Balveer.


"Balveer" revolves around the adventures of a young boy named Balveer, who possesses magical powers bestowed upon him by fairies from the fictional realm of Parilok. Balveer's mission is to protect the world and its children from the evil designs of Bhayankar Pari and other antagonistic forces.

The storyline follows Balveer as he combats various challenges and adversaries using his wit, bravery, and magical abilities. Alongside his fairy allies and human friends, Balveer ventures into different realms and dimensions, encountering mythical creatures, magical beings, and supernatural phenomena.

Each episode typically features Balveer thwarting Bhayankar Pari's schemes and ensuring the safety and well-being of children. The show emphasizes themes of courage, friendship, empathy, and the triumph of good over evil.


"Balveer" received positive reviews from its target audience, primarily children and families. The show was praised for its imaginative storytelling, colorful visuals, and positive messages promoting moral values and virtues. Dev Joshi's portrayal of Balveer was widely appreciated, and the supporting cast was commended for their performances.

The series was lauded for its ability to entertain and engage viewers while also conveying valuable life lessons in a fun and accessible manner. While some critics noted that the show followed a somewhat predictable formula common in children's fantasy dramas, its overall impact and popularity among its target demographic were undeniable.

Overall, "Balveer" was considered a successful and beloved television series for children, offering a blend of adventure, fantasy, and moral education. It remains fondly remembered by viewers for its memorable characters, engaging storyline, and positive influence on young audiences.

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