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"Naagin" is a popular Indian supernatural fantasy television series that premiered in 2015. The series has had several seasons with different storylines and casts. Here's a general overview of the cast and storyline:


v Mouni Roy: Mouni Roy portrayed the role of Shivanya/Shivangi/Shivanya's daughter (depending on the season), who is a shape-shifting serpent woman, or 'naagin', seeking revenge for the death of her parents.

v Arjun Bijlani: Arjun Bijlani played the male lead role opposite Mouni Roy in the initial seasons of the series. His character's name varied across seasons.

v Adaa Khan: Adaa Khan portrayed the role of Shesha, Shivanya's cousin and a shape-shifting serpent woman. Her character's allegiance shifts between positive and negative throughout the series.

v Sudha Chandran: Sudha Chandran played the role of Yamini, a cunning and manipulative woman who often plots against the protagonists.

v Anita Hassanandani: Anita Hassanandani played pivotal roles in multiple seasons of the series. 

v Karanvir Bohra: Karanvir Bohra also played significant roles in various seasons of the series, often portraying a love interest or antagonist.

v Pearl V Puri: Pearl V Puri appeared in one of the seasons as the male lead opposite Mouni Roy.

v Surabhi Jyoti: Surabhi Jyoti played a prominent role in one of the seasons, often as a pivotal character in the storyline.


"Naagin" revolves around the ancient myth of shape-shifting serpent women, known as 'naagins', who possess supernatural powers and take human form to seek revenge or fulfill their missions. Each season typically follows a new storyline with different characters, although some characters may recur or be reincarnated across seasons.


The central plot usually involves a naagin seeking vengeance for the death of her loved ones, often at the hands of greedy and deceitful humans. The narrative is filled with elements of romance, drama, suspense, and supernatural encounters.

Throughout the series, the naagin protagonists encounter various obstacles and adversaries, including evil sorcerers, power-hungry humans, and other supernatural beings. They must navigate complex relationships, uncover hidden truths, and ultimately triumph over their enemies to achieve justice and redemption.

Themes of love, betrayal, loyalty, and the eternal battle between good and evil are prominent throughout the series, as the naagins fight to protect their heritage and uphold the balance of nature.

Overall, "Naagin" is known for its compelling storytelling, gripping plot twists, and vibrant characters, making it one of the most popular and enduring supernatural dramas in Indian television history.

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