Install Google Play Store in Blackberry Devices Step by Step Guide

 How to Install Google Play Store in Blackberry Devices Very simple and easy Steps.

In all Blackberry devices we can install google play store and also can use all apps from google play store.
here i will explain step by step that how can we use google services on blackberry devices like z10,z3,z30, classic,leap, p9983, prive, Q5, q10, P9982, It was limited before but now its open and free ware for all Blackberry users of BB10. Now users can get access over all apps from google play store like instagram, twitter and other all social apps.
Users can access all apps after installation of the google play store. They can also update there apps from play store.

Installation and requirements of google play store on Blackberry 10


This is for Blackberry 10 Devices Running 10.3 OS or Later

Step 1. go to settings in your mobile and then open app manager and allow your phone to install apps from other sources.
Step 2. open internet browser and download google play services APK using link below
Download google play services

When download completed install it device and go on for next...

Step 3. after installing play services now download and install google account manager
When Download completed of google account manager install it on device. When installation

completed open the google account manager and sign in using your gmail id and exit for next step.

Step 4. in this step 4 you have to download Blackberry google id.
Install it on your device.
after installation open the Blackberry google id and register your device.

Step 5. open your internet browser and download Google Play Store app.

Open the downloaded google play store app and install it.

Now you can use google play store and install all your favorite apps and also can update them from google play store

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