Top 20 Best Fantasy Shows of India

Indian Dramas

As of my last update in January 2022, here is a list of 20 Indian fantasy serials, along with brief details about each:


1.     Mahabharat (1988): Based on the Indian epic Mahabharata, it's a classic fantasy series depicting the Kurukshetra War.

2.     Shaktimaan (1997): A superhero fantasy series revolving around the adventures of Shaktimaan, who fights against evil forces.

3.     Chandrakanta (1994): Set in a fictional kingdom, it follows the love story between Chandrakanta and Virendra Singh, amidst magical elements.

4.     Devon Ke Dev...Mahadev (2011): A mythological series focusing on the life of the Hindu god Shiva and his various avatars.

5.     Naagin (2015): This series explores the world of shape-shifting serpents, revenge, and mystical powers.

6.     Baal Veer (2012): A children's fantasy series where Baal Veer, a superhero, fights against evil forces to protect the earth.

7.     Kahani Chandrakanta Ki (2011): Another adaptation of the novel Chandrakanta, this series features magical creatures, sorcery, and epic battles.

8.     Shani (2016): Based on the life of the Hindu god Shani, it explores his journey and the impact of his decisions on people's lives.

9.     Nazar (2018): A supernatural fantasy series centered around the concept of witches, evil spirits, and their battles with protectors.

10. Vikram Betaal Ki Rahasya Gatha (2018): An adaptation of the classic folklore of Vikram and Betaal, it narrates their tales with a mix of fantasy and moral lessons.

11.   Aarambh (2017): Set in a fictional ancient world, this series explores the conflict between two civilizations with magical elements.

12.   Aahat (1995): A horror-fantasy series comprising episodic tales of supernatural occurrences and paranormal events.

13.Nagin 3 (2018): Another installment of the Naagin series, it continues the saga of shape-shifting serpents and their battles.

14.  Suryaputra Karn (2015): Based on the life of the warrior Karna from the Mahabharata, it showcases his journey with mythological elements.

15.   Vighnaharta Ganesha (2017): A mythological series focusing on the Hindu deity Ganesha, depicting his adventures and life stories.

16.  Shakti - Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki (2016): While primarily a family drama, it incorporates elements of fantasy and supernatural occurrences.

17.  Qayamat Ki Raat (2018): A supernatural thriller series involving occultism, tantric practices, and battles against evil forces.

18. Shobha Somnath Ki (2011): Set in the historical backdrop of the Somnath Temple, it intertwines fantasy elements with historical events.

19.   Karmaphal Daata Shani (2016): Another series based on the life of the Hindu god Shani, exploring his role in the cosmic balance of good and evil.

20. Chandrakanta (2017): A reboot of the original series, it presents a modernized version of the classic fantasy tale.


These serials have captivated Indian audiences with their imaginative storytelling, mythological themes, and infusion of fantasy elements into the narratives.

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