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Indian drama

"Nazar" is an Indian supernatural drama television series that aired on Star Plus. Here's a comprehensive overview including the story, cast, review, and production cost:


"Nazar" revolves around the Rathod family, who unknowingly harbors a centuries-old curse that affects their lives. The curse is in the form of a demonic entity, Daayan, who preys on the Rathod family's generations, particularly targeting their firstborn daughters. The story primarily follows the journey of Piya Sharma, a young woman with special abilities, who becomes entangled with the Rathod family after her arrival in the town of Prayagraj. Piya's fate intertwines with Ansh Rathod, the son of the Rathod family, leading to a complicated love story amidst supernatural occurrences, ancient prophecies, and the relentless pursuit of evil forces.

As the series progresses, Piya discovers her own connection to the supernatural world and becomes instrumental in protecting the Rathod family from the malevolent Daayan and other dark entities. The narrative delves into themes of love, sacrifice, and the eternal struggle between good and evil as the characters navigate through various challenges and confrontations with supernatural beings.


Harsh Rajput as Ansh Rathod

Niyati Fatnani as Piya Sharma

Monalisa as Mohana Rathod

Smita Bansal as Divya Sharma

Pallavi Gupta as Urvashi Rathod

Sumit Kaul as Shekhar Rathod

Ritu Chaudhary Seth as Vedashree Rathod

Kapil Soni as Karan Rathod

Ashita Dhawan as Chaitali Rathod

Rakesh Kukreti as Avinash Sharma

Resham Prashant as Dilruba


"Nazar" received positive reviews for its unique storyline, engaging characters, and high production values. The series garnered praise for its supernatural elements, captivating performances by the cast, and its ability to keep viewers hooked with its twists and turns. Additionally, the portrayal of the Daayan mythology and the intricate detailing of the supernatural world were lauded by audiences.

Critics and viewers appreciated the chemistry between the lead pair, Harsh Rajput and Niyati Fatnani, and the ensemble cast's ability to bring their characters to life. The series was commended for its gripping narrative and its ability to blend supernatural elements with elements of romance, drama, and suspense.

Cost of Production:

The exact production cost of "Nazar" is not publicly available. However, being a high-quality supernatural drama series, it likely incurred significant production expenses, including costs related to sets, special effects, costumes, and talent fees. Given its popularity and successful run, the production budget would have been substantial to maintain the series' visual appeal and storytelling quality.

Overall, "Nazar" was a successful venture for Star Plus, captivating audiences with its intriguing storyline, stellar performances, and immersive supernatural world.

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