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  "Nagin Season 2" is a mesmerizing continuation of the spellbinding saga of "Naagin," a beloved Indian supernatural television series that enchanted audiences on Colors TV. Steeped in mystique and brimming with intrigue, this season unveils a riveting tapestry of serpentine secrets and celestial battles.

In this chapter, the ethereal veil of the serpent realm intertwines with the mortal world, weaving a tale of destiny and revenge. Against the backdrop of age-old vendettas and unearthly alliances, the story unfolds with a hypnotic rhythm, drawing viewers into a realm where the line between myth and reality blurs.

As the ancestral legacy of shape-shifting serpents pulsates through the narrative, we are introduced to a captivating ensemble cast whose destinies are irrevocably entwined. Amidst the whispering winds of fate, alliances are forged and betrayals lurk in the shadows, while the forces of light and darkness converge in a timeless battle for supremacy.

With each twist and turn, "Nagin Season 2" casts a spell of enchantment, immersing viewers in a world where magic reigns supreme and the serpentine dance of destiny unfolds with breathtaking intensity. As the veil between realms thins and secrets long buried rise to the surface, the stage is set for an unforgettable journey into the heart of mysticism and mayhem. which aired on Colors TV. Here's a brief overview of the cast and the story:


Mouni Roy as Shivanya/Shivangi: She portrays the dual role of Shivanya and her daughter Shivangi, who are ichhadhari naagins (shape-shifting serpents).

Adaa Khan as Sesha: She plays the role of Sesha, a shape-shifting serpent and Shivanya's sister.

Karanvir Bohra as Rocky: He portrays the character of Rocky, a wealthy businessman who falls in love with Shivangi.

Sudha Chandran as Yamini: She plays the role of Yamini, Rocky's mother and a cunning woman with her own agenda.

Aashka Goradia as Avantika: She portrays the character of Avantika, a powerful icchadhari naagin with her own motives.

Kinshuk Mahajan as Rudra: He plays the role of Rudra, a naag and Shivangi's love interest.

Aryan Pandit as Vikram: He portrays the character of Vikram, Rocky's cousin who is entangled in the supernatural world.

Manish Khanna as Anky: He plays the role of Anky, a sorcerer with dark intentions.

Puja Sharma as Gautami: She portrays the character of Gautami, a positive and supportive figure in Shivangi's life.

Rakshanda Khan as Avni: She plays the role of Avni, a member of Rocky's family.


Shivangi, who is unaware of her serpent lineage, grows up with her mother Shivanya, who seeks revenge for the death of her husband Ritik, caused by the evil forces led by Yamini and her accomplices. As Shivangi comes of age, she discovers her naagin identity and her purpose to avenge her family's deaths.

The series delves into the complex relationships between humans and shape-shifting serpents, as well as the eternal battle between good and evil. Shivangi navigates through love, betrayal, and supernatural adversaries as she strives to fulfill her destiny and protect her loved ones.

With elements of romance, drama, and mystique, "Nagin Season 2" offers a thrilling narrative set against the backdrop of Indian folklore and mythology, captivating audiences with its supernatural twists and turns.

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