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"Chandrakanta" is a popular Indian television drama based on the novel of the same name by Devaki Nandan Khatri. It has been adapted into various television series over the years. Here's a breakdown of one of the adaptations:


Ø Shahbaz Khan as Shivdutt: Shahbaz Khan portrayed the antagonist Shivdutt, a powerful and cunning prince who seeks to marry Princess Chandrakanta for her kingdom and wealth.

Ø Shikha Swaroop as Princess Chandrakanta: Shikha Swaroop played the titular role of Princess Chandrakanta, a brave and resourceful princess who is pursued by numerous suitors and embroiled in political intrigue.

Ø Mukesh Khanna as Kroor Singh: Mukesh Khanna portrayed Kroor Singh, a loyal ally of Shivdutt who plots against Chandrakanta and her loved ones.

Ø Pankaj Dheer as King Virendra Singh: Pankaj Dheer played King Virendra Singh, Chandrakanta's father and the ruler of the kingdom of Vijaygarh.

Ø Anuradha Patel as Queen Ratnaprabha: Anuradha Patel portrayed Queen Ratnaprabha, Chandrakanta's mother, who supports her daughter in her struggles against Shivdutt.

Ø Shah Nawaz as Tej Singh: Shah Nawaz played Tej Singh, a prince who competes with Shivdutt for Chandrakanta's hand in marriage.

Ø Sudhir Dalvi as Pandit Jagannath: Sudhir Dalvi portrayed Pandit Jagannath, a wise and trusted advisor to King Virendra Singh.


"Chandrakanta" is set in the kingdom of Vijaygarh and follows the story of Princess Chandrakanta, whose life takes a tumultuous turn when she becomes the target of numerous political conspiracies and power struggles. The central conflict revolves around the rivalry between Shivdutt, a prince from a neighboring kingdom, and Chandrakanta's family.

Shivdutt, driven by his desire for power and wealth, schemes to marry Chandrakanta and seize control of Vijaygarh. However, Chandrakanta's courage and intelligence, along with the support of her family and allies, help her navigate the treacherous political landscape and thwart Shivdutt's plans.

The narrative is filled with romance, intrigue, betrayal, and magical elements, including the presence of Ayyars (secret agents) and magical weapons. Chandrakanta's love story with her chosen suitor, whether it's Tej Singh or another character, is a central aspect of the plot.

Episode Details:

"Chandrakanta" typically consists of multiple episodes, each advancing the storyline and introducing new twists and turns. The number of episodes and their titles may vary depending on the specific adaptation of the series. Each episode typically features a mix of palace intrigue, action sequences, and character development, keeping viewers engaged with the ongoing saga of Princess Chandrakanta and her adventures.

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