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"Aarambh" is an Indian historical drama television series that aired on Star Plus. It was created by filmmaker Goldie Behl and produced by Shrishti Arya and Goldie Behl. Here's a brief overview of the cast and the story:


Karthika Nair as Devasena: She portrays the role of Devasena, a skilled warrior and the female protagonist of the series.

Rajneesh Duggal as Varundev: He plays the role of Varundev, a fierce warrior from the Dravidian tribe and the male protagonist of the series.

Tanuja as Hahuma: She portrays the role of Hahuma, the spiritual leader of the Dravidian tribe.

Tej Sapru as Raavan: He plays the role of Raavan, the powerful antagonist of the series and the king of the Aryans.

Tarun Khanna as Brahamarath: He portrays the role of Brahamarath, a ruthless warrior and Raavan's trusted commander.

Vipul Gupta as Vishnuvardhan: He plays the role of Vishnuvardhan, a noble warrior from the Dravidian tribe and Devasena's love interest.

Joy Sengupta as King Simha: He portrays the role of King Simha, the ruler of the Dravidian tribe and Devasena's father.

Madhoo Shah as Queen Suryamitra: She plays the role of Queen Suryamitra, King Simha's wife and Devasena's mother.


"Aarambh" is set in ancient India and revolves around the conflict between two civilizations – the Dravidians and the Aryans. The story begins with the birth of Devasena, who is prophesied to bring an end to the Aryans' reign. As she grows up, Devasena exhibits extraordinary skills in warfare and leadership.

The series explores the cultural, social, and political differences between the Dravidians, who are matriarchal and worship nature, and the Aryans, who are patriarchal and follow a structured societal hierarchy. It delves into the clash of ideologies and the struggle for power between the two civilizations.

Devasena meets Varundev, an Aryan warrior, and their initial animosity gradually transforms into mutual respect and love. However, their love story is complicated by the ongoing conflict between their respective tribes and the machinations of powerful figures like Raavan and Brahamarath.

The narrative of "Aarambh" intertwines elements of mythology, history, and fantasy to create an epic tale of love, war, and destiny. It explores themes of courage, sacrifice, and the eternal struggle between good and evil as Devasena and Varundev fight to protect their people and uphold their beliefs in the face of adversity.

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